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Here at, we are always very happy to receive your questions and to do our best to answer them. We have tried to anticipate most of your questions and answer them elsewhere on our website, but we understand that when you are first looking at trying something new, you may be hoping to find the information to your most burning questions in one convenient place. That is fine with us, and we would love to be able to help you. We also encourage you, if you have a question, to reach out and ask it. We will keep your contact information confidential at all times, and we will never print your name or identifying information on our website. We simply want to know what your questions are so that we can answer them. We don’t always have the chance to individually answer every single question we get in email, but we try to address everything that comes in. Whenever we see a question that seems to come in a lot, we know that this is something worth addressing right here on our website, so we create a question and answer entry for our FAQ page. If you have a question, and especially if you think it is worthy to end up on our FAQ list, please do let us know. We would be happy to consider it and also to get you the help and information that you need as an informed consumer of pussy pumps and related products.

Q: What is a pussy pump?

A: Put simply, a pussy pump or clitoral pump is a sex toy (sometimes called a “marital aid”) that is designed for use on a woman’s body. The pussy pump is used on the clitoris or on the vulva or labia of the vagina. A pussy pump looks like a cylinder, especially if it is a model that can also be used on a woman’s nipples, or it may more closely resemble a pilot’s breathing mask. A pussy pump is placed over the vagina and then it is pumped (usually through a squeeze bulb in the hand), creating suction that increases blood flow and “pumps up” the most sensitive areas of a woman’s body. The pussy pump helps to create arousal while increasing the sensitivity of the labia and the clitoris, which greatly increases female pleasure. Men who have sex with a woman who has “pumped up” with a pussy pump often say the pumped up vulva or labia create more pleasure when they have sex with their partners. Pussy pumps are one of the less frequently seen or discussed sex toys on the market, but they are becoming more and more popular. That’s why a site like ours was created. We want to better connect our customers with the sexual products that can enhance their enjoyment of their sex lives.

Q: What is a pussy pump made of?

A: A pussy pump is typically flexible and may be made from rubber, silicone, or plastic gel. A pussy pump that is made from silicone can only be used with water-based lubricant, because other types of lubricant may damage the silicone material. You cannot use a petroleum based lubricant with a silicone pussy pump because this will definitely hurt the pussy pump’s material. The reason that pussy pumps are flexible is because this lessens the chance of creating pain or discomfort on those who the pussy pump is used. Different models of pussy pumps have different features, such as textures and knobs that help increase sexual stimulation and pleasure. Some of these features also make using the pussy pump more playful. There are pussy pumps that vibrate, which combines the suction and increased sensation of a pussy pump with the advantages and pleasures of an external vibrator. There are even some pussy pumps that have removable vibrators, which adds another level of sexual fun and gratification to the overall experience.

Q: Why would I want to use a pussy pump?

A: The pussy pump is a device that creates suction. When you place something against your skin that produces strong suction, what happens? You get a “hickey” or a bruise. Well, this is because the suction brings blood to the surface of your skin. A pussy pump works on the same principle and for the same reason. The pussy pump’s suction helps bring blood up to the surface. In the case of the vulva, of the labia, it engorges. When you use the pussy pump on the clitoris, for example, it makes the clit start to fill with blood. The clitoris is thus very stimulated and very sensitive, even more so than usual, and the stimulation this provides is described by those who use pussy pumps as extremely pleasurable and enjoyable. When a man uses a penis pump give himself a stronger, more rigid erection, the pump brings more blood into the penis, which produces that stronger, longer lasting hard-on and thus a more satisfying sexual encounter. A pumped up clitoris that is bigger than normal because of the suction effect will be so stimulated, so sensitive to being touched, that the orgasms produced through sexual penetration and clitoral stimulation will be much more powerful. This is why some models of pussy pump have sexual stimulation features like knobs, rubber spikes, and bumps. These are intended to “tease” the vagina and produce better sex. Once you and your partner have started to use a pussy pump, you will wonder how the two of you ever managed to have “plain” sex without the levels of pleasure that the pussy pump produces.

Q: How exactly do I use a pussy pump?

A: It is very easy to use a pussy pump, once you know how. First, you’re going to need a good lubricant, typically one that is water-based to prevent damage to silicone sex toys. (Silicone is a very common material used in vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys, and there are plenty of silicone-friendly water-based lubricants on the market.) Lubricating helps to create an airtight seal with the pussy pump and also reduces the chances of discomfort or even injury while using the pussy pump. Once the pump is sealed against a woman’s intimate areas, air is taken out, creating a vacuum. This is usually done using a squeeze bulb attached to the pump that also has a quick-release valve to let air back into instantly release the pressure. (A penis pump typically has these features too.) Once the vulva or other area (like the nipple) is pumped up, the relief valve is used and the pussy pump is removed. The experiencing of pumping up the pussy pump can be very stimulating and sexually satisfying by itself, but sex with a partner or masturbation alone with a pumped-up vulva is reportedly very enjoyable. The swollen effect from the pussy pump may last for quite some time after use, so factor this in when you choose to use one.

Q: What are some of the possible liabilities of using a pussy pump?

A: Most people can use a pussy pump and vastly increase the sexual pleasure they experience in their day to day sex lives. A pussy pump, however, is not for just anyone. It’s very important that if the pussy pump starts to feel uncomfortable, doesn’t feel enjoyable, or otherwise makes you feel like you are being hurt, you should stop using it immediately. Also, when it comes to sexual pleasure, many of us don’t realize that it truly is possible to get too much of a good thing. You don’t want to overdo it when you use a pussy pump, especially when you are just starting out with this unique sex toy. Try it out and go slowly, trying different levels of “pumping up” each time you use the toy until you see where your thresholds for enjoyment and pleasure are. Every pussy pump has a maximum limit that it can reach eventually. In other words, every pussy pump can be pumped up until it can’t be pumped anymore. You probably don’t want to take your personal pleasure to that level ever, much less the first time out, because usually a pussy pump is capable of dealing out more suction than you, personally, will want to subject your body to. Never, ever use a pussy pump without proper lubrication. Lubrication during masturbation with one of these toys, or after you have used it, is also very important. Remember that a pussy pump is not something you want to use to surprise your sex partner with. Before using it on a lady friend, or before asking a male friend to use a pussy pump on you, make sure you have both discussed this with your partner and also that he or she understands how to properly use the pussy pump. In the case of a sex toy like this, what you don’t know can potentially hurt you, so make sure you both know what to do and how to do it.

Q: Is this site real?

A: We realize that in a world full of spoof sites, it may have entered your mind that there is no such thing as a pussy pump. Especially if you have never heard of pussy pumps before, you may be wondering if this isn’t all some elaborate trick, or a website created for a comedy television show, or something like that. Please understand that pussy pumps are one hundred percent real. They are not a joke, and they are not an attempt to spoof or parody anything. Pussy pumps are simply a sex toy that you may not have heard of before because they are only now gaining in popularity. We guarantee, though, that now that you have heard of pussy pumps, you will think of them again, and if you have never tried one, you will be thinking about just how you could increase the pleasure and stimulation you feel in your own sex life if you were to use a pussy pump alone or with a partner.

Q: I’m worried someone will find out I ordered a pussy pump.

A: No one will ever know that you ordered from this site unless you choose to discuss it with them. We hold your information in the strictest possible confidence from the first moments that you order with us. Your privacy is very important to us. We do more than just protect your information from being compromised at a third party location. We will never discuss your order with anyone. We will never disclose the fact that you shopped with us in any capacity, in fact, and when we ship and bill your order, we will do so with discretion so you are not embarrassed at any point. You can shop with secure in the knowledge that your privacy is safe with us. We care about you as a customer and we respect you as a person. That is why we guard your information so carefully.

Q: How do I introduce the pussy pump into the bedroom?

A: It’s a good thing that you have considered this question before the fact. It isn’t hard to introduce your partner to the wonderful world of sexual variation that a pussy pump offers, but it is something that is best offered not as a surprise, but as a mutual benefit discussed before the two of you ever get into the bedroom. As we say elsewhere on this site, we can’t think of anybody who would want to be surprised with intimate suction devices they’ve never heard of or discussed before. Take your potential sex partner aside before the fact and ask them how they feel about dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys. Chances are good that if you have a healthy sexual relationship with someone, they will welcome the chance to deepen that relationship and to bring more adventure and excitement to it. Pussy pumps may also increase the power of female orgasm.