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Welcome to Pussypumper, your best source for pussy pumps online. We are a full-service provider of marital aids, sex toys, and of course, pussy pumps, enhancing and improving the sex lives of our customers by providing them with a means of making their personal sexual experiences more gratifying and more fun. Have you fallen into a rut with your partner? Are you looking for a way to spice things up? Do you want to push your sex life to the absolute limits of pleasure and enjoyment? Then a pussy pump is for you. You may not have heard of a pussy pump before, but trust us, the moment you try one, you will be blown away by what they can do for you.

Why and How Would You Use A Pussy Pump?

A pussy pump is a sex toy that is designed for women to use, primarily, although there is no reason a man cannot use it on his female partner, increasing pleasure for them both. The pussy pump is used on the clitoris or on the labia of the vagina. Sometimes called a “clitoral pump,” pussy pumps look a lot like a pilot’s air mask. You put it over the vagina and pump it up, creating suction that increases blood flow and “pumps up” the labia. The pussy pump helps to create arousal while increasing the sensitivity of the labia and the clitoris, which greatly increases female pleasure. Men who have sex with a woman who has “pumped up” with a pussy pump often say the pumped up vagina lips create a more pleasurable sensation when they have sexual intercourse.

Pussy pumps can be made from silicone, rubber, or a kind of plastic gel. When using a pussy pump made from silicone, it’s important to use a water-based lubricant, because other kinds of lubricant (like petroleum-based ones) can harm the silicone. Most pussy pumps are reasonably flexible because this reduces the chances of pain or discomfort when using the pump on the most sensitive of a woman’s bodily areas. Some pussy pumps have textures and knobs incorporated into them that help increase sexual stimulation and pleasure, and make using the pussy pump more playful. Some of them also vibrate, which combines the advantages and pleasures of an external vibrator with the suction and increased sensation of a pussy pump. Some models have vibrators that are removable, so the pussy pump can vibrate or not depending on what the user desires.

To use a pussy pump, you use a good water-based lubricant and apply this around the outside of the pussy pump to help create a proper seal so that you can create suction. The lube also helps prevent the pump from irritating the sensitive skin there. Once you have created that seal so that air can’t escape, you’re ready to start using the pump, and you could use the pussy pump on the labia, on the clitoris or clitoral hood, or on the breasts (specifically, the nipples). Once you put the pussy pump over the labia, make that airtight seal, and start pumping the squeeze bulb of the pump (different pussy pumps have different methods of creating suction, but the squeeze bulb is the most common), you’ll see the labia start to pump up or get swollen. Keep pumping for as long as the sensation is pleasurable, and when you’re ready to release the pump, you press the release valve to let air in and break the suction. Now you can remove the pussy pump and enjoy whatever sexual activities are in store for you and your partner. A woman who has had her labia “pumped up” before sex will enjoy vastly heightened sexual pleasure and sensation, which is why pussy pumps are so popular.


Increasing Her Pleasure (and His) With a Pussy Pump

The suction of the pussy pump brings more blood closer to the surface. When you use the pussy pump on the clitoris, for example, it makes the clit start to fill with blood. It will throb and the sensations it produces will be absolutely incredible. The clitoris, in some ways, works like the penis does, and the effects of suction on it are the same. When a man uses a penis pump to pump up his manhood, it brings more blood into the penis, resulting in stronger, more lasting erections and better sexual sensations. When the clitoris is pumped up through suction and it engorges with blood, the effect is similar, and that is why sex after using a pussy pump can be so much more incredible than sex by itself, with or without a partner. Given that some models of pussy pump include “pussy teaser” features, like bumps and knobs, using one is a great way to increase your sexual pleasure with and without someone to share the act of love with you. We believe that once you try a pussy pump, you’ll be reluctant to go back to ordinary “vanilla” sex again.

Some Pussy Pump Variations For Both Your Pleasure

The wonderful thing about pussy pumps is that there are so many different kinds of them, and you may choose the one that most gratifies you and your partner while increasing your pleasure and diversifying your sex life. We offer, at, a full product line of great pussy pumps with different features that you and your partner will enjoy, together or separately. We offer so many great products, in fact, that it may be difficult at first to decide which features are right for you. We are standing by to help you make this decision! We want you to be happy, and we want your sexual experience to be as gratifying as possible. There are so many models available, in fact, that we recommend you follow our site closely, because we are ready to do the hard part for you. We constantly comb the market for available products, and when we find a new one, we evaluate it. If it meets our standards and we believe it would be of use to you, then we incorporate it in our product line. In this way, we are always watching out for you, the discerning buyer of pussy pump products.

For example, some of the pussy pumps you might consider from among our hand-picked collection of pussy pumps include high-intensity models specifically designed to bring blood to a woman’s genitals and start her feeling incredibly increased sensations. These sex-oriented models are not clinical pussy pumps, but actual marital aids intended for solo or couples use. We think you’ll find them incredibly stimulating even if you just use them by themselves. The best part about using our pussy pumps, of course, is that you get the best of both worlds. In other words, you get to experience the pleasure of using the pump in the first place, which creates wonderfully pleasurable sensations in their own right, and you get to experience the fun of sexual intercourse, foreplay, masturbation, or whatever else you choose once you have used the pump on yourself or your lady. The sex that you have with or without a partner will be incredibly intense and much more pleasurable than without the pussy pump. And we think you’ll find, for those of our customers whose tastes stray into BDSM territory, that while using a pussy pump can be pleasurable by itself up to a certain point, it’s possible to take those sensations a step farther by continuing to use the pump beyond the point of simple pleasure alone. Also, the act of having a partner control the pussy pump can be very stimulating, both physically as well as mentally. The couple that pussy pumps together has more fun together!

There are even some pussy pump kits on the market that can be used on both the penis and the clitoris. Not only does this allow you to make a woman’s clitoris larger and more sensitive for mind-blowing and incredibly sensational sex and masturbation, but your man can join in the fun and feel what it’s like to have suction stimulate his erection, bring more blood flow into the penis, and give him a longer, more satisfying, harder sexual experience that can bring his partner greater pleasure too. There are some models that include vibrating bullets and some that do not. There are even some fetish models of pussy pumps that include pumps for the nipples or clitoris, and clamps for the nipples or clitoris, that can turn any night into a raunchy night of non-stop fun and kinky excitement. Also available are cleaning kits for your pussy pump toys to keep them nice and clean, and there are waterproof models available, which means you can get down and enjoy yourself in a pool or hot tub if that’s your thing. And of course we’ve all heard of those condoms and vibrators that are “ribbed for her pleasure,” right? That means you may want to consider one of the pussy pumps in our product line that feature tickling pleasure nubs and other contours that are especially pleasing.

What It Feels Like To Use One Of Our Pussy Pumps

If you go online looking for descriptions of what it’s like to use a pussy pump, you’re going to get various different descriptions. We think it’s one of the most mind-blowing ways to increase your sexual pleasure that you’re likely to fine. The nice thing about using a pussy pump, of course, is that unlike certain drugs, there are no issues with drug side effects or drug interactions. For example, a leading sex expert has long recommended that both men and women should take Viagra because it helps them both enjoy sex more, even though the woman obviously doesn’t have a penis to make harder for longer. The fact is, though, that when you start increasing blood flow, you increase sensitivity and thus sexual pleasure, and that is the whole point of using a pussy pump. Pussy pumps increase blood flow to the most intimate areas of a woman’s body and thus make the sex that she has that much more enjoyable. And of course the pussy pump itself can bring sexual pleasure when you use it. This is not a purely clinical experience. It’s an erotic adventure that both partners can enjoy as the pussy pump is used.

Women who have used pussy pumps will tell you that at first, the sensation may take a little getting used to. It may even feel a little bit like it hurts, but you’ll get past that, we promise. You’ll need to spread your legs nice and wide so that you can make a good seal with the pussy pump against the vagina. After using the pump for a few minutes, you’ll see the labia start to engorge, and this is when things start to become pleasurable and fun. Here is something to consider, too: The effects of using a pussy pump can linger for quite some time. You may not notice anything significant after you’re done having sex, or you may notice that your labia are still swollen for quite some time afterwards. There may be some soreness, too, especially if you spent a good long while having mind-blowing, screaming-orgasm sex with your partner while your vagina was so nice and newly pumped up. Women may also find that their men find the pumped up penis that much more arousing, and thus the overall sexual experience they have is that much better because of the time and effort put in to do the pussy pumping. There may be a little bruising around the area where the pussy pump was used, and you should avoid doing it too much if this happens more than you care to have it so. But the thing is, you’ll find that using a pussy pump really increases the strength and power of your clitoral orgasms. You might think of it as a kind of conditioning. The more you use the pussy pump on the clitoris, the more you will have better and strong clitoral orgasms, and this effect will build over time as you keep doing it. This is pleasurable for both partners, of course, because a man always enjoys sex more if his partner is enjoying it to the fullest possible extent, and the more she screams and enjoys herself, the more he is going to remember the experience fondly, too.

Many men, in fact, report that a pumped up vulva is visually much more stimulating and exciting. They report that they enjoy feeling it when they touch it, feeling it when they perform oral sex, and feeling it when they engage in the actual act of sexual intercourse. More than one man has said that a pumped up vulva is more sexually gratifying to penetrate, and that the feeling of a woman’s swollen, pumped up vulva on their penises is both very stimulating and very pleasurable. As for the soreness, most women report that it is no different than having a marathon sex session with their partners when it comes to “walking funny” the next day. We think it’s that good kind of soreness that comes from a particularly strenuous bout of lovemaking. It’s the kind of soreness you can both be proud of, and every time you notice it, you remember all the pleasure you had that contributed to it.

Stop Hesitating and Explore the Full World of Sexual Possibilities

So why haven’t you ordered from us yet? We completely understand that while the topic of exploring your sexuality and getting more pleasure out of your sex life might of great interest to you, you may not be sure how best to get started. You may feel a little embarrassed. You may wonder if your interest is “normal” or not. All of these are entirely natural sensations and many of our customers have had to overcome a little bit of initial shyness in making the decision to introduce their partner to the world of pussy pumps. You may be reluctant to take the plunge, but we assure you that the only thing you have to lose is more wasted time during which you aren’t enjoying your sex life as much as you possibly can. The one thing that you don’t have, the one thing that isn’t on your side, is time. We all have only a set number of years in which to be sexually active and to enjoy our sexual lives to the fullest. In order to do that, we have to grab on to every opportunity that comes our way. If you pass up an opportunity to enjoy yourself, you won’t get any additional time. Eventually, you’ll run out of years in which you can be vibrant, sexually healthy, dynamic, and active. What will you do then? Regret the times you passed up the chance to have the most gratifying sex of your life? We realize this might sound like an awful lot of heavy ideas to lay on the notion of pussy pumps, but the fact is, every day you’re not exploring your life and your sexual desires is a day you won’t get back. The frontiers of human sexuality are a funny thing. If you want to enjoy your life as much as possible, you’ve got to take the chances that are offered you. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Search through our product offerings and select the pussy pump that is right for you. Whether the pump is for you or your partner, we want you to get the most out of your sex life. We want to bring adventure, excitement, and extraordinary stimulation back to your life. Maybe you’ve lost it and you want to get it back. Maybe you never had it and you want to see what it’s like. No matter what your personal thing, whether you’re a willing lady who wants to feel the best sex of her life, or you’re a man who wants to drive your partner to heights of ecstasy, we have the product for you. Stop delaying the best sex of your life. Get your pussy pump from us and start enjoying your sex life more today.

Introduce Your Special Someone to the World Of Pussy Pumps

You may be wondering how best to introduce your partner to the wonderful world of pussy pumps. This is not difficult, but you do have to approach it the right way. If you’ve never mentioned pussy pumps before, the best time to do that is not at the moment the two of you are engaged in the throes of passion. Nobody wants to be surprised with intimate suction devices that have never been previously discussed! We suggest that you start out by explaining to your partner that a pussy pump is a marital aid, like a vibrator or dildo, that works on the principle of suction rather than penetration. That suction can help engorge a woman’s most intimate parts with blood, which in turn increases the stimulation and sensation of foreplay, oral sex, and sexual intercourse. The result is a mind blowing sexual experience that results in more powerful female orgasms. The more powerful the female orgasm, the more satisfying the sex for both partners, because what man doesn’t enjoy the idea that he is giving his partner mind-blowing, fantastic sex? The result will be that you’ll both enjoy sex more, you’ll both want to have it more often, and you’ll crave the use of the pussy pump to drive you to better and better levels of sexual fun and adventure. Introduce your partner to the idea before the two of you hit the bedroom together. Discuss it with him or with her. Then, when it’s time to start getting romantic, allow both partners to use the pussy pump together. If you’re a woman using the pump with a man, let him slowly apply the suction while he watches how it makes you feel, for example. As the two of you ease into this wonderful, wide world of sexual variations that a pussy pump opens up for you, please let us be the ones to bring that into your life.